Warranty Option


Trident Caravans provides a 2 Year Structural Warranty On all Caravan builds.

Our +3 Option, provides a further 3 Year Warranty option as an extended warranty plan, which is made available exclusively through your Trident Caravan Dealer.

Trident Caravans has now partnered with 24/7 Roadservices for Nationwide 12 month Roadside Assistance, which covers any breakdown service on your Tow Vehicle and on your Caravan at the same time. 

24/7 Roadservices will cover your Van and Tow Vehicle, across Australia with their vast network of over 1,000 x repair and recovery contractors nationwide. 

This is also an optional service available from your selling dealer at the point of sale.

For more information on our Roadside services program, click here: www.247roadservices.com.au

In the event of any warranty claims or concerns, simply fill in our warranty claim form below and we'll begin immediately to help arrange for any service or repair of your van.

Please note that for your convenience, most warranty claims and general caravan repairs are carried out by our approved dealers and also at our manufacturing facility in Campbellfield Victoria.



As the owner of your Brand-New Trident Caravan, you hereby acknowledge to be responsible for all and any routine maintenance, that would ordinarily be deemed to be appropriate and advisable during the course of ownership of a Trident Caravan. That which any reasonable person would see as being fit and proper for the maintenance, utility and ongoing performance of your Trident Caravan.

Trident Caravans will supply you with a Service & Maintenance schedule which will outline all specified and particular areas of service requirement. We strongly advise that you adhere to these recommendations, which will not only ensure longevity, but will maximise resale value and overall performance of your Trident Caravan for many years to come.

By following our service and maintenance schedule, you may prevent conditions arising from un-necessary neglect that are not covered by our Trident Warranty. At the time of delivery from your Trident Dealer, the dealer will register your information into our warranty system to connect your purchase details to your Trident Caravan’s chassis number.

This will be used to identify your Caravan for all future Warranty claims. The Chassis number will become your main identifier for all future Warranty claims.

Under this warranty, if any part of your Trident Caravan is proven to be defective in material or workmanship during the applicable 2 Year (24 months) warranty period Trident may, at it’s sole discretion:

  • Replace or repair the Caravan or the defective part of or,
  • Assist the dealer or authorised repairer replace or repair the defective part.
  • Engage with a 3rd party assessor or technical service advisor to determine the cause of fault
    and best form of remedy

Any approved warranty repair or parts replacement will be performed free of charge by an authorised dealer of Trident or repairer at its place of business within a reasonable time frame, after delivery to the dealer or repairer during normal business hours. If a warranty repair is conducted on your site or in a remote location, which is accessible, we may elect to charge a warranty call out or inspection fee for service.


If any problem arises, contact your Selling Dealer first!

They know your Trident Caravan and your specific Caravan build better than another agent and will be able to assist you better than most other service vendors. Once you have contacted your selling dealer, they will direct you and Us (Trident Caravans) to work with you in resolving any Warranty query you may have.

You will, however, be required to follow our terms and procedures. This is not negotiable.

If the Warranty terms and procedures are not followed, we may, in our absolute discretion, elect to invalidate your claim for repair under this warranty contract.

Firstly, please ensure that your Trident Caravan is made available to the dealer or agent for immediate Inspection and testing.

We reserve the right to not only inspect the Caravan, but to determine the causation of the fault and if necessary, effect the most economical and practical means to repair or rectify the fault.

If it is found to be the result of user error, misuse, deliberate neglect, poor or inadequate service, lack of service or any form of improper use, we may elect to dismiss or deny any claim for warranty. This is especially true in the case of high-pressure water damage, off-road use, and other usages deemed to be inappropriate, hazardous or risky for a Trident Caravan.

If our inspection and testing find no defect in the Trident Caravan, you may be liable to pay to the dealer or agent, their usual costs of service work and testing.

Given the nature of Caravan products, you agree to bear the costs of transporting your Trident Caravan to and from the appointed dealer or agent.

You also agree to deliver your Trident Caravan, to the dealer or agent during business hours or at the agreed time. You may use a repairer that is not a Trident authorised repairer, however, the following conditions will apply.

Warranty work can only be carried out when prior written approval from Trident or its selling dealer is issued in writing. A repair order, purchase order, or claim number must be quoted, prior to the commencement of any Warranty repairs. We will supply this to you.

Depending on the repairer, you may be required to pay the repairer at the completion of the repair after which, you would seek reimbursement from Trident. If so, you should claim reimbursement from Trident by forwarding the repairer's invoice with your chassis number noted and receipt for payment. You must quote a claim approval number on all formal correspondence for the claim to be valid.


Trident reserves the right to make alterations and modifications to their Caravan products and their model range and line up, based on any number of factors such as supply chain restrictions, availability of parts and components and stock availability at the time. In terms of Warranty, this may mean that Trident, in it’s absolute discretion may exercise it’s right to supply or replace any defective product or fitting, with the nearest equivalent or next available product, provided that it meets the nearest possible specification and composition to the defective product, subject to availability.

Trident reserves the right to make changes without liability and you hereby agree to this term. If new or direct replacement parts are not available, Trident may elect to use refurbished parts.


Attention To: The Warranty Claims Manager  TRIDENT CARAVANS
5 Arbor Way
Carrum Downs,
Victoria, Australia 3021
Phone (03) 8904 1465

Please Note: Any claims for warranty and warranty repairs will be deemed to be invalid if they are processed without or prior express approval and a warranty claim number is not provided.

You are not permitted to have your Caravan repaired at your discretion and submit an invoice to Trident Caravans for payment, under your assumption that these costs will be met.

Without our involvement or adjudication in the claims process, we may deem the warranty claim to be unfair or unreasonable, so please follow this process.


Trident Caravans come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Nothing in this warranty attempts to exclude, restrict or modify any State or Federal legislation applicable to the supply of goods and services under Australian Consumer Law.

Trident Caravans warrants to the original purchaser of each Trident Caravan, that all parts of manufacture are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of no less than 24 MONTHS from date of purchase under normal use and specified service. Except for the items listed under "Limitations - What is not Covered" and subject to compliance with the section entitled "Your Obligations Under The Trident Warranty".


Please Note: that no individual (including any dealer, agent or representative of TRIDENT) is allowed to make any representation, verbal, written or otherwise on Warranty without our express permission. Guesswork, estimations and opinions alone, will not suffice in constituting a valid warranty claim and therefore, formal communication, in writing between YOU, the owner and the repairer and Trident, must take place before any warranty works can commence. Trident makes no express warranties or representations other than those set out in this warranty. The repair or replacement of the Trident Caravan or part thereof is the absolute limit of Trident’s liability under this warranty.


  • Our Caravans have been designed for recreational use and not for permanent residential purposes.
    When used for permanent living, premature wear and tear is exacerbated and therefore no claims can
    be made under this warranty when used for this purpose.
  • This warranty does not apply to any claim that has arisen from misuse, neglect, or accident.
  • This warranty shall not apply to normal maintenance items which are the owners responsibility, such as greasing wheel bearings, tightening wheel nuts. This also applies to the routine cleaning of filters such as in air conditioners and water pumps, toilets, showers or appliance maintenance.
  • Fabric items such as canvas, canopies, windows screenings, vinyl windows, cushion and mattress covers are not warranted against tears, punctures, shrinkage, softening, fading or soiling but are warranted only against defective workmanship and material.
  • Damage caused to tent sections, curtains or plywood finish by condensation.
  • The deterioration of sealants over time is not covered, re-sealing is a maintenance requirement.
  • Any alternate accommodation costs whilst repairs are undertaken.
  • All Trident Caravans are designed be towed by standard passenger vehicles including standard 4WD passenger vehicles. We will not warrant the Trident Caravan if it is towed behind commercial trucks of any kind due to the harsh suspension that is used to carry weight, not for towing.
  • Damage caused by water ingress, particularly in the event of deterioration of seals and gaskets, whereby these seals and gaskets would need to be replaced and/or inspected as part of the normal routine maintenance associated with the warranty service schedule. Any failure to adequately maintain water sealing, may invalidate a warranty or claim or where it can be established that the loss of sealing had been caused by user error, such as the over use of high pressure washing devices.
  • Consequential costs such as lost holidays, caravan park costs, towing and recovery time.
  • Any repairs not expressly authorised by Trident Caravans will be invalidated.
  • Alterations or Modifications that are made to your original build design.
  • Stone, Strike, Hail, Dust Storm or Windstorm Damage.
  • Fire, flood and other acts of God, which may ordinarily be covered as an insurable event.
  • Damage caused by the incursion of vermin and pests.
  • Axle alignments and Toe In adjustments.
  • General Misuse that can be proven or detected by a qualified tester or Caravan expert.


Trident Caravans sold as Off Road and Semi Off Road, are designed and constructed to give added strength and ground clearance, for limited unsealed road usage. Gas venting regulations and other construction restraints limit the effectiveness of these Caravans against dust and water penetration. Under no circumstances should Trident Caravans be subject to water crossings at, or above, chassis level.

Trident Caravans, like most other Caravans, will not withstand hard impact or heavy landings or heavily creviced tracks. Trident Caravans are not designed for use on four-wheel drive tracks and therefore, should not be used on any 4wd tracks at all. The best and safest policy may be to leave your RV at a base camp and explore the rough areas with your tow vehicle alone.

Warranty claims arising out of harsh off road usage, may be declined by us on the grounds of excessive wear and tear, abuse, misuse or neglect.

This may include any Warranty claims arising out of:

  • Impact or Stone Damage to body, chassis and running gear.
  • Soling of Fabrics and Soft Furnishings
  • Any damage caused by water ingress, through creeks and river crossings.
  • Damage caused by excessive movement, impact, vibration and dislodgment.
  • Usage or rough and corrugated surfaces
  • Inadequate or inappropriate tyre pressure maintenance.

At all times, we strongly recommend towing at an appropriate and safe speed according to road and weather conditions, with extra care and attention required on rough surfaces.


Some of the equipment and fittings supplied on your Trident Caravan ("components") are not manufactured by Trident. Instead, these components are separately warranted by the individual manufacturer or their distributor. This may also apply to any additional items or accessories that you select when ordering your Trident Caravan.

In this case, we provide copies of the applicable warranties and owner's manuals from each supplier, as part of your warranty program. Please take the time to read this material to ensure that you are familiar with the components' operation, service procedures and warranty terms. The fittings and equipment that may be separately warranted may in

  • Cooking appliances
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Hot Water Services
  • Tyres
  • Suspension & Chassis
  • Refrigerators
  • Rangehoods
  • Toilets
  • Weight distribution devices

These separately warranted components are not covered by us. However, your dealer will assist you in making a warranty claim if you have any claim for warranty for any of these items.

Please note that the length of warranty periods for the separately warranted components and their terms may vary, depending on the item.

Subject to any rights you have at law which cannot be excluded, we cannot assume any responsibility for liability or defects in workmanship for the operation of any of these separately warranted products for which you have been provided with separate warranty documents for.


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